And the fun begins …

More good news since my last post: we’ve opened our application forms, and created a proper website for our school: The website has its blogging platform as well, so, from now on, that’s the place to look for new Code House related posts.

We’ve used Amazon Services for this. A micro EC2 instance was free of charge – so we decided to go for it as a trial for our website. And if so, we have also opted for a preconfigured WordPress Website (powered by Bitnami – it is available with the free-tier EC2s) to make our job easier. Finally, the DNS name registration has also required just a few clicks in the Amazon Console (we used the Route 53 Service). All these cost only the usual 10 Euros (yearly domain price). Doing all these within a few minutes we had all our setup done. Thanks, Amazon!

This all makes me very enthusiastic – however, there are still a lot to do, and a lot to clarify.

I wonder how many of the people will be interested? Will we be able to capture their interest? How much knowledge are they able to accommodate? How hard will be to teach them to think in algorithms? Will they love it, even if it will be so hard at the beginning? Can we make the classes and homeworks enjoyable and fun? Will they have the required motivation and perseverance to finish what they started?

And so many other questions…

I feel like this is a good opportunity for me to do what I’ve always wanted to. So many emotions (yeah, I’m still a woman 🙂 – joy, enthusiasm, curiosity, fear, worry, and the cantwaittohappen – they are all so alive inside me. One more month, and we will see who our applicants are, and one other month and we’ve already started the course.

How exciting! Until that, we are busy with putting a good program all together – we already have the topics, a daily schedule, but there is still a lot to decide on!

I might write some notes here about the topics and the how to’s… So, yes, even if the Code House’s blog has moved, I will still keep this platform alive – as my personal technical playground. 🙂


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