The beginnings of an IT school

Nowadays, that IT became so popular (and let’s face: well paid) even in the Eastern European countries, many people are considering changing their jobs and getting into the IT field. 4fef3ec68510366883e4388eea4ae0cb

I work as a programmer since a while, but I always had this strong calling to teach. Yes, I already have some experience with it (special study hours, and even being a lecturer at the Technical University over here).

I could express my pros and cons about the above activities, but the shorter form is this: i really felt that I don’t want to give up on programming, and in the same time, I would so much like to transfer some of the knowledge I gained.

To unexperienced people? Well, why not.

And a whole list of arguments could come here – all against the above idea. I don’t want to enumerate them. Probably you already have some in your mind. I received many, while talking about these plans to the people around me.

However, I would like to share some of my pros here.

  • I love to teach. I always did, and I will always do. Being in the middle of a classroom/people/students makes me feel: this is the place where I belong. This won’t ever change, even if I never become a “proper”, “professional” teacher.
  • Many of the people out there, really have the potential to grow, but they might not have the time/money/possibility, to give up on their jobs, and start a 3 years long university program. Sure, all has its costs. Time and money. But why couldn’t we offer an easier option to them? Easier, but qualitative.
  • The programming field has raised significantly our living conditions – at least, this is the case here, in Romania. While I grow up seeing my parents counting every Lei inside the house (Romanian currency), sometimes being difficult even to afford the daily brad in the family – now I can have a car, I could get a credit from the Bank to buy an apartment, and I don’t find it difficult to enjoy my daily lunch outside, in the City Center. I’m not saying I am rich. I still have difficulties, especially now, with the Bank credit. But my living conditions are way better, than what my parents (and many of my friends) do have. Well, yes. It is money. But let’s face: we need that money to reach some of our more important goals.
  • I’ve always found discovering things and solving riddles so – so enjoyable. The good news is that I can have part of this during my everyday work. I can always see new things around, I can always pick from many of the solutions variety, I can always improve something existent, and I can always go deeper. Always. I just have to dare it. So, yes. I find it very interesting and enjoyable. People with similar interests can have the same feelings about it. They just have to taste.
  • There is still a big shortage in the area. Well, this is the case here, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. More and more IT companies get established or moved in, and they all need people (good people!) to work for them. Our school – at least in this phase, it will only prepare junior level developers – but we intend to provide deep basic understandings about the technologies they will work with.We believe, that they will be capable to fastly grow at the company that will hire them. We also plan to provide support, and interview possibilities, where they can prove all they have learnt during the time spent with us.

There would be much more to add here. But shortly: we believe, that there is still space – even for us, as an IT SCHOOL company, and even for the people, who will join us, to experience “greater times”.

We plan to start our first training during the summer. Two months of full day study, followed by interview processes, and finally – starting a career as a junior developer.

How exactly will this all happen? What will we teach? Who is behind the idea? What are the risks and what are the proper benefits for our students?

We will share all of these details – soon.


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